What does Commercial General Liability Insurance in Florida?

What does Commercial General Liability Insurance in Florida?

A Commercial General Liability insurance policy covers injury and damage that may be caused by a business.  At Wells Insurance, our liability agents can review your risks to evaluate your policy to ensure you are properly covered.

Some of the general liability risks that are covered include:

  • Liability for injury or damages that may occur on your property or due to your business operations.
  • Legal costs if you are involved in a lawsuit.
  • Liability if you damage someone else’s property.

There are some claims as well that may not be covered under your CGL policy and you may have to obtain a separate insurance policy to be covered properly.  These may include:

  • Faulty workmanship
  • Liability from commercial vehicles.
  • Losses arising from your employee’s injuries.

Let a Wells Insurance agent give you an evaluation or a quote on your business insurance needs to make sure you are properly covered and aren’t at risk for any liabilities.