Rental Coverage in Florida

Rental Coverage in Florida

We often get the question on whether to purchase the rental car coverage when renting a car on a trip or vacation.  It’s a question to consider when traveling as many times this coverage can be costly.

First, you need to decide if the extra cost is reasonable considering the risk for loss should something happen to the vehicle while you are renting it.  Most car rental companies will make you responsible for the damage to a rental car if you don’t have the waiver.

We often get asked if your Florida auto insurance policy would cover the rental car if there were any damages.  The main thing to consider is if your liability limits on your auto policy would be sufficient to cover the damages the rental company might charge.  You also need to check your Florida auto policy to see if there are exclusions to your policy when renting a vehicle for business purposes.

We also suggest to consider the possible premium increase to your current policy and the inconvenience of dealing with the rental’s insurance company when deciding on whether to accept the waiver.  Considering these factors and risks may help in making the smart decision on rental car coverage when traveling.

At Wells Insurance, we can also review your current Florida car insurance policy & help you decide if the rental coverage is the best option for you.  Just give us a call to discuss your options for rental car coverage.