Covering Your Personal Property in Florida

Covering Your Personal Property in Florida

Many people love their home!  Most feel that what’s inside is much more valuable to them than the windows and walls.  Having the appropriate Florida homeowner’s coverage is likely a priority for you.  Here are some ways to be sure your most valuable property is protected.

How is Personal Property Coverage Determined?

Insurance companies use a percentage of the value of your home to decide the amount of personal property inclusion.  Be sure to question the amount that is given it if you believe it’s too low. If there were to be fire, this amount is the maximum you would receive to replace your things.

What about my Special Items of Value?

Whenever there is something of value in a home, such as jewelry or rugs, you may need to take out an additional coverage known as a floater. A floater adds a specific coverage to the policy that is intended only for that item.

What if I am traveling and not at home?

Your Florida homeowner's insurance policy will cover your personal property anywhere you go! If your things are taken from your van, or even from your condo in Maui, you can make a claim against your policy to recover the damage.

Homeowner's insurance covers more than just your house ... it covers the things that make it your home! Give Wells Insurance a call today and let us make sure you are protected.