Boat Insurance in Florida: Why Have It Year Round?

Boat Insurance in Florida: Why Have It Year Round?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to boat all year long?  Some weather conditions don’t allow for year-round fun leaving boats stored away in garages, docks, and backyards during the cold winter months.  If you only use your vessel for a few months out of the year, is it necessary to carry boat insurance year-round?

A lot of people attempt to pocket some cash by cancelling their boat insurance during that inactive time – and surprisingly, many pay dearly because of it.

What does Florida boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance covers damage to your boat, trailer, motor, and items in the boat. It protects the boat owner against liability lawsuits and medical payments.

  • Collision- If there is damage as a result of an accident
  • Property Damage-covers damages you may cause
  • Bodily Injury Liability- cover hospital bills, lost wages and various legal expenses.
    Comprehensive coverage-covers non-collision related incidents.
  • Add-on boat insurance coverage options- roadside assistance, fishing equipment, oil spills, uninsured coverage and more.

Why you should keep coverage year-round

Your boat isn't entirely safe when it's sitting unwatched for months at a time. Vandalism or bad weather could damage your boat, and if someone is hurt on or around it, even if it's not on the water, you could still be held liable. Also, cancelling your insurance will not make the insurance companies eager to insure you again. In many cases, once you cancel a policy, that company will not insure you again for a period of time.