Florida Business Insurance 101

Florida Business Insurance 101

Many times a basic Florida business insurance policy may not give the complete coverage that a business owner may need.  At Wells Insurance, our business insurance specialist can evaluate your business insurance risks to provide a complete plan.

Most businesses have business owners, general liability and workers compensation coverage but that may leave your business vulnerable to unforeseen risks that may occur.  Here are some additional coverages that you may want to consider in order to protect your business to the fullest.

  1. Commercial Umbrella can give you a complete coveaage package where your other policies may leave off.
  2. Professional Liability insurance gives coverage from claims or damages that arise out of giving professional advice or services.
  3. Commercial Auto can give additional coverage for cars or trucks that aree used for business purposes.
  4. Cyber Liability is becoming more important these days to protect what sensitive data you may have or may be storing.

Let us evaluate your Florida business insurance risks to find the right policies for your business.

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