Personal Umbrella Policy in Florida

Personal Umbrella Policy in Florida

Most people already have auto or home insurance policies with liability coverage.  Even some already have boat or RV policies.  These policies are designed to cover and protect you in case an accident happens.  However, sometimes an accident may go over the limits on these policies and put you in a real bind; this is where a personal umbrella policy comes in.

An umbrella insurance policy covers excess of your primary home, insurance, auto insurance, and other primary policies.  If the accident costs exceed your primary policies limits, then a personal umbrella policy would pick up the rest.  In addition, the umbrella may cover things like volunteer activities, statements made online, and certain business activities that a homeowner's or auto policy might not cover.

People that may need a personal umbrella policy include those that own a home, car, RV, boat or swimming pool.  Many business owners and clients with high net worth also consider adding a personal umbrella policy to make sure they are completely covered. 

At Wells Insurance, we can shop many different companies to find the best fit for your Florida personal umbrella policy.  Our goal is to protect you and your family from those unexpected events by finding the right coverage at an affordable rate.

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