Personal Auto vs. Commercial Auto in Florida

Personal Auto vs. Commercial Auto in Florida

Are you self-employed in Florida? Whether you are a mobile massage therapist, contractor or caterer you need to know that that your personal auto insurance will most likely not cover accidents related to work in your vehicle. 

Due to the differences in risk and liability, insurance companies recognize personal auto insurance and commercial car insurance to be two very different types of policies. Personal policies are written with the ordinary citizen needs in mind.  Commercial policies are designed to address the unique needs and situations that emerge from commercial use.

Commercial auto insurance policies in Florida cover the increased liability risks that occur from daily business operations. If you are transporting supplies/goods or people and there is an accident, you (and your insurance policy) would be liable for any damages.  Even if you use your Kia Soul or Ford F250 for personal things like road trips, going to the mall or a night out on the town, it may be a commercial vehicle if you also use it for work purposes other than commuting.

If you are still questioning whether you should have commercial or personal coverage, contact the Commercial Auto specialist at Wells Insurance, so you can get clarification and the appropriate coverage!

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