Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida

Hurricane season is around the corner and be prepared is the best policy.  Here are some tips to prepare your family & your home for the upcoming hurricane season.

Normally, there is a warning for a hurricane coming but it’s best to be prepared prior to that instead of not having enough time for all the steps you need to make.

  1. Trees – make sure trees and bushes are trimmed to prevent flying into your house.
  2. Shutters – install storm shutters or have plywood ready and cut for installation.
  3. Around the house – bring in any outdoor funitue, garbage cans or anything that may blow away.
  4. Emergency kit – have an emergency kit on hand if you are stuck indoors or forced to evacuate.  Make sure to include water, food, blankets, first aid kit, flashlight, medicine, and radio.
  5. Plan -  it’s good to have an evacuation plan in place.  Choose rendezvous points both close to home and away in case the family is separated. 

If you've prepared your home and your family with these things, you should respond well during a hurricane. Just follow these tips and any other directions given to you by your local community and stay safe this hurricane season!

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